Saturday, June 11, 2016

¡Bienvenidos a León!

And so it was on the 8th of June that an historic expedition departed from Indianapolis International Airport for distant European shores. With mingled fear, anticipation, and excitement, 34 high school students bid their friends and families 'adios' for the next six weeks as they embark on an adventure that most students their age can only dream of.

Despite the long travel, our team arrived safely, soundly, and smilingly in Madrid the following morning ready to face a new day in a new country.

After a sleepy bus ride, we finally made it to León where the students met their host families (an encounter full of hugs, kisses, and the promise of way too much delicious Spanish food). On Friday, we took the group for a walking tour that included a visit to the academia where we'll be having classes, a glimpse of the restaurant where we'll normally be having lunch, and an overview of some of León's more iconic sites. 
In front of León's world-famous cathedral
Enjoying the charms of the Plaza Mayor
The day was full of explorations and conversations (in Spanish, of course), and by the afternoon, everyone was feeling much more acquainted with their new host city. For now, the students will have the weekend to unwind and get to know their host families a bit before we dive into the academic program on Monday.

I know I speak for my fellow instructors (Sarah, Megan, Israel) when I say that we couldn't be more impressed by the positive attitudes, the curiosity, and the open minds with which our team has greeted Spain so far. 

More updates to come soon as the adventure continues. For now, families, friends, and fans, we thank you for sharing these students with us over the next 6 weeks for what we are sure will be an unforgettable experience.

¡Hasta pronto!


  1. Thank you Mark! I love reading the update and seeing the pictures! I hope everyone learns a lot and has fun!

  2. The pictures are so beautiful! I wish I were there with them. I know they are learning a lot, not only the language but the traditions and culture and way of life in Spain. They will remember this journey for life! What an awesome opportunity for all of them. God Bless, Dianne